VBG Power Plug 14/17/22

The standard VBG Power Plug 14-17-22 is designed for heavy vehicles or plant with 24-volt electrical systems that require a large number of connection possibilities for providing power to supplementary equipment.

 As can be seen in the name, these plugs are available with 14, 17 or 22 terminals, of which pins 1 and 12 are dimensioned for safe grounding and charging. Required assembly surface is 96 x 75 mm (breadth x height). All models have double cable inlets on both the Box and Plug.
The unique toggle connection enables simple engagement, and the automatic disengagement saves many stages.

When required, the Plug can  be locked in the Box with a special lock hook. The Plug's outer casing is of glass-fibre-strengthened polyamide, thus making it extremely durable. The terminals are made of brass, which is very resistant against oxidation while simultaneously being a good conductor.


Benefits of the power plug include:

  • The terminals are cleaned upon each engagement and disengagement
  • Automatic disengagement
  • Large plug surfaces eliminate loss of power
  • Sturdy design
  • Good imperviousness against water and dirt minimises oxidation.

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Terminal 1 and 12: 9.5 mm 25 A
Single terminal: 6,5 mm 15 A
Double terminal: 6.5 mm 10 A

2 cable inlets: Ø 10.5 mm - 17.5 mm