The DIAB P12 power plug is designed for private cars and other light vehicles, as well as machines with 12-24 volt electrical systems. The plug has 12 powerful terminals, of which numbers 1 and 12 are dimensioned for secure grounding and charging.

The plug box (vehicle part) has two cable inlets while the plug (trailer part) is available with one or two cable inlets. Required assembly surface is 65 x 75 mm (breadth x height). The P12 has a practical and functional design.

The unique toggle connection enables safe and simple engagement and automatic disengagement. If required, the Plug can be locked to the Box with a special lock hook.


 Benefits include:

  • 12 terminals enable freedom of choice and flexibility
  • The terminals are cleaned upon engagement and disengagement
  • Automatic disengagement prevents torn cables
  • Large plug surfaces eliminate loss of power
  • Sturdy design that outlives the vehicle
  • Good imperviousness against water and dirt minimises oxidation.


Terminals 1 and 12: 9.5 mm 25 A
Double terminal: 6.5 mm 10 A

2 cable inlets: Ø 10.5 mm - 13.0 mm
1 cable inlet: Ø 10.5 mm - 16.0 mm





Product Description Art. No.
P12 Single-hole Plug Complete female, 12-terminal, black insert; 1-hole 20-2101
P12 Double-hole Plug Complete female, 12-terminal, black insert; 2-hole 20-2001
P12 Box Complete male, 12-terminal, black insert 20-2002
Insert P12 Plug Spare part insert, female 20-2003
Insert P12 Box Spare part insert, male 20-2004
Adapter P12
trailer part
Adapter between 7-terminal trailer plug and
DIAB P12 female
Adapter P12
vehicle part
Adapter between 7-terminal trailer plug and
DIAB P12 male
Assembly plate P12 Assembly plate in rustproof blue-chrome. 20-20351