Leisure Time

The P12 power plug solves problems for all good drivers with a trailer or caravan


The private market can also benefit from DIAB's innovative solutions. The DIAB P12 is the plug for people with high demands who need reliability and quality when driving with a trailer or caravan with the best possible safety. Caravans can also be equipped with rear headlights, rear fog light and electrical brakes. A rear video camera may also be connected to the same plug! There are a total of 12 terminals that can be used just as you wish. Perhaps you have optional equipment or lamps that could not be fitted to a normal plug. We enable many different solutions!

The plug is designed to be used in aggressive environments with variations in heat, cold, moisture and salt. The impervious design also eliminates the negative effects of road salt on electrical cables.

User-friendliness has also been given a lot of attention - the coupling is designed based on the toggle principle and disengagement is automatic should one forget to uncouple oneself. The plug is also self-cleaning, thus keeping the plug surfaces free from dirt and oxidation.

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"At last a plug with reliable electricity transmission between vehicle and trailer! A 12-terminal trailer plug that enables a caravan to be equipped with rear headlights, rear fog light and electrical brakes. Twelve separate connections instead of the normal seven. This improves traffic safety considerably and enables the trailer to use more electrical equipment, which in turn improves overall functionality. Just think how nice it is to have a separate electrical cable for the refrigerator while travelling!"
Tidningen G - Sweden's business and industry magazine, issue 1/95