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2012 - Your connection for 30 years 

So we added another year to our timeline. On April 13, we celebrated our 30th anniversary with a cake party in the conference room along with staff and those who started DIAB, the brothers Bertil, Sven-Eric and Lasse Gräns. In the same month Bertil turned 90 years. But it started long before that…

Punch operator, musician and inventor Ove Andersson liked to ride with local truck drivers in Europe as a companion and helper. On these trips, he noted that the electrical connection between the car and trailer were a constant concern. It must be solved in a better way, he thought, and came up with the idea for a completely different power plug. 1974 was a prototype designed but the money was gone and willing risk takers were missing and the project was mothballed. Until a dark December night in 1980, when the musicians Ove and Lasse met Sven-Eric over a glass of whiskey. They presented the idea to him and he was on fire, through this connection it started.

With the help of friends among entrepreneurs and banks and plenty of our own work in evenings and nights, the idea came back on track and in early 1982 was a product placed on the market to be tested in the real world. VBG Products AB in Vänersborg undertook the work on the launch, marketing and sales against exclusive rights to the product in Europe. An agreement on cooperation was signed.

Our work with development of the product goes on tirelessly and changes resulting in better performance and safety are continuously performed. Through our partner VBG the launch of VBG Power Plug in Australia is progressing, which is a major positive event.


2011 - DIAB P12 works well for CAN-traffic

During the fall of 2010 DIAB has been working with Fleetech in Stockholm to test how the plug works for transfer of data traffic (CAN-traffic). Fleetech offers robust solutions for vehicle economy, temperature monitoring, environmental reports and traffic safety in the field of Fleet Management.

As we know, there is minimal loss of current through the pins of the plug. This has also has been shown in this test. The large, clean terminal surfaces and the maintained terminal pressure means that this application fits well for DIAB P12. We have already had good experience using the connector for rear video camera.

We solve your power plug requirements!

We have devoted a lot of energy over 25 years into improving equipment for the transmission of electrical current between traction vehicles and trailers for mobile transportation. Functionality and safety are imperative requirements for power plugs that must guarantee the transmission of electricity in the toughest of environments.

The requirements-specification that forms the design-basis can be summarised by that we minimise disturbance in the current flow that always arises in a power plug. This is achieved through:

  • Correct choice of materials
  • Sufficient pressure
  • Clean surfaces
  • Total imperviousness

Combined with...

  • User friendliness
  • Staying power and durability

We would like to already claim that our products are the best on the market for achieving this important task. But of course, they could always be better!

We therefore constantly develop and adapt to the sector's requirements.

Our goal has always been - and remains - to provide a product with:

  • High operational safety
  • Long lifecycle
  • Simple handling
  • Good availab. of spare parts

Our products can be used for all kinds of vehicle combinations where electrical transmission is required, particularly within the transport sector, as well as for agricultural machines, forestry machines, caravans, road machines, and vehicles that require video monitoring.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified