Agricultural and Forestry Machines

Agricultural and forestry machines are now often manufactured as combi-machines, i.e. a base machine is combined with different applications that broaden the base machine's usability and thereby cost effectiveness. Reliable and hardy power plugs are needed for providing electrical current to the hydraulic motors that drive the applications. Our plugs have shown that they are by far the best for this purpose. One of our customers - CNH (Case New Holland) in Belgium - has provided the following testimonial.







New Holland about our power plugs:
New Holland is globally known for its effective agricultural machines. Total and integrated quality can only be achieved when each component, no matter how small, also fulfils our high quality requirements. We therefore place the same stringent quality demands on each part, particularly electrical power plugs. The plugs that we previously used often ceased to function after a time out in the field in an environment of dust, rain and mud, implying that we had to replace them with plugs that functioned better. The DIAB plug convinced us immediately of its excellent quality, and soon demonstrated its incredible reliability. We find the DIAB plug to be far superior compared with many other plugs. It is slightly more expensive in purchase price, but the quality pays back many times over. The covers are glass-fibre-strengthened polyamide, and thereby indestructible. The axle, screws and springs are made of rustproof material. The plug terminals are large, flat and rigid, and can therefore transmit large volumes of current. The electrical resistance is also as good as non-existent, thereby guaranteeing perfect transmission.


Agricultural and forestry machines are often exposed to rough handling in tough environments on a daily basis. Qualities such as reliability, durability, flexible coupling and automatic disengagement are particularly important.