About the Company

Ove Andersson, an inventor, came with "the basic concept" already in the 1970s. The concept was then developed and patented in the 1980s, and the company Djurle Industri AB was founded by the brothers Bertil, Sven-Eric and Lars-Olof Gräns. They have since handed the company over to Sven-Eric's sons Anders and Mikael Gräns - although operations continue to live in the spirit of "the basic concept".


Daily operations

Daily operations are run by Anders who is employed full-time as managing director. Components and half-finished products come from regional suppliers to our factory in Ingelstad, where the products are assembled and distributed to small and large customers both in Sweden and abroad.
We are quality-assured as per ISO 9001:2008, and our processes are regulated by our Operations Manual.


1981 The concept starts to be realised and is developed
1982 The company DIAB-Djurle Industri AB is founded
1982 - 1984 In cooperation with VBG, the concept goes into production
1984 The first-generation plug enters production
1986 -1987 A completely new plug is designed based on experience acquired over the years. The second-generation plug enters production
1989 The DIAB P12 enters production. The 12-terminal plug is designed further to requests from caravan owners and other leisure-related areas
1996 The 22-terminal plug is designed and produced
1999 - 2000 In cooperation with VBG, the ADR is designed for the T14 and T17 power plugs (third generation), now called SAL.
2005 In cooperation with VBG, the design of a new plug is started for their Multi Functional Coupling (MFC) concept.
2006 Further to experience learned from professional transporters, a number of improvements to the power plug are implemented (fourth generation).
2008 MFC terminal in production
2009 The company moves to new premises with double production space